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Browse through or download our current menus to see the extensive range of dishes that we have to offer. Please note that the Senior Citizens menu is only available 11.30am-2.30pm Monday to Friday.

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chef's choices



Chilli nachos topped with mozarella cheese and served with soured cream.

Main Courses

Chargrilled open chicken burger topped with chorizo and mozarella cheese and served with chips, coleslaw and barbeque sauce.

Hunters chicken - chargrilled chicken breast wrapped in bacon with barbeque sauce. Topped with melted cheese and served with salad garnish and chips.

Chicken Princess - chargrilled chicken breast with a white wine, cream, onion and mushroom sauce. Served on a bed of rice and salad garnish.

Vegetable Lasagne - served with salad garnish and a choice of potatoes.

Senior Citizens main menu

Senior Citizens desserts menu

Childrens Menu

Prices for all childrens meals are as follows...
Small - £4.75
Large - £6.50

Main Courses

• Chicken Nuggets

• Macaroni Cheese

• Burger in a bun - cheese or plain

• Lasagne

• Sausages

• Fish Fingers

All of the above served with a choice of curly fries, new potatoes or mash and/or peas, sweetcorn or baked beans.

Also Available

• Cottage Pie with vegetables

• Spaghetti Bolognaise


Novelty ice cream with a packet of sweets

Bar Meals

Chilli Con Carne with rice, soured cream and nachos

Lasagne with salad, chips & coleslaw

Our own honey roast ham, 2 eggs & chips

Chilli nachos topped with mozarella cheese and served with soured cream

Macaroni cheese and crusty roll

Quiche of the day with new potatoes & garnish

Prawn salad, choice of potatoes & coleslaw

Cheeseburger with chips & coleslaw

Steak baguette with fried onions, crisps & garnish

Smoked bacon & brie baguette with crisps, garnish & cranberry sauce

Soup of the Day with crusty roll and butter




Cheese & Ham


Cheese or Beans

Cheese & Beans




Sandwiches & Baguettes


Curly Fries

Cheesy Chips

Onion Rings

2015 Christmas Menu

Christmas 2015 Menu

Christmas 2015 Menu

Senior Citizens Christmas 2015 Menu

Senior Citizens Christmas 2015 Menu