Graze - Branding Campaign


Graze - Illustration

A non-commissioned project undertaken at Brighton University.
The brief (a YCN competition) was to re-design the company logo, create a sustainable re-designed packaged box for the company, as well as direct mail campaign.

The illustrations (left) were a series of rotated illustrations which would appear on coupons inside the box, they also featured in the direct mail campaign. The concept behind the illustrations was ' delicious and nutritious' summing up graze's ethos.

The coupons were shareable and were also designed to be 'collected' by the consumer - meaning the extras with the product were more sustainable too. The next page shows the assembled packaging as a whole.

Graze - Packaging

The packaging left showcases a serviette which can be recycled, an illustrated postcard with some coupons on, a personalised delivery label and a typographic element which is playful but also informative about the product.

Graze - Direct mail

Using sustainable as the concept the direct mail campaign was printed onto seed paper, after reading the postcard with a call to action encouraging the user to go to the website and take advantage of an introductory offer, a person could plant their mail and give something back to the environment.