Royal Opera House - Documentary

Suzannah Pearce is passionate about film in all it's forms and takes every opportunity to make films, specialising in the human element of a narrative.

Commissioned by A.C.T. (A Common Territory) partners, headed by The Royal Opera House, she was asked to document the rehearsal and experiences of amateur dancers from Southend YMCA and the Gateway Learning Academy working with professionals in a blend of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural talent.

The film was shown to funding partners before the final co-operative performance of the French ballet Donkey Skin to promote the enormous benefits gained by the children from both the cultural working relationships and the merging of artistic ideas and styles.

Original promotion poster artwork designed by David Lewis. See more of his work here.

Adapted for film by Suzannah Pearce

A.C.T. Partners include: The Royal Opera House, Gateway Learning Community, Southend YMCA, Orchestra Picardi, Compagnie ECO and the University for the Creative Arts. For more information on the EU funded A.C.T. Project, see here