Weaveworld - Film Title Sequence

This sequence was designed as the final major project of Suzannah's BA (Hons) degree.

Weaveworld is a fantasy book that tells the tale of Cal Mooney who becomes the reluctant guardian of the magical world of the Fugue, protecting them from the evil Immacolata and her ghostly sisters. The Fugue hide themselves from the world by weaving themselves into a Persian carpet and it is this carpet that is the centre of the story and the strongest imagery.

There is a great deal of symbolism within the book that needed to be included in the title sequence. The rich colours give a dark and grungy feel, encompass the magical/mystical element and suit a fantasy horror style. Browns traditionally represent earth and, in Christian religion, spiritual death. There are many references to creation, religious penitence and ultimate destruction caused by religious zeal. The gold of the title itself symbolises immortality, enlightenment and divine power but also represents the power of the magical beings within the book.

The font has been chosen to reflect the historical elements of the story. The smoky typographical treatment represents both the whirling smoke of the Gyre (from which the carpet is formed) and the ectoplasmic substance that is the inner power of both Immacolata and Suzanna.

Clive Barker said that the story reflects the idea that memory constantly shifts, changes and fades as we get older and I believe that the treatment of the text reflects our fading memories and also the fading from memory of the Fugue.

The music, generously lent by composer Harry Gregson-Williams, reflects both the middle eastern origins of the carpet, central to the story, and to some of the characters in the book, Immacolata and The Scourge. The overall speed and style of the sequence attracts the audiences' interest with its rich textured style and 'corner of the eye' animation and gives a feeling of an older underlying evil with a touch of mystique.