Chris's new car for 2014

2014 is a big year of change for Chris and the team as they will be campaigining a brand new car for the new season. The new Vauxhall Nova was acquired in the middle of last year but sat in reserve as the team opted to see out 2013 with their old car.

New Look

It was quite a sad occasion when Chris and the team started dismantling the trusty, distinctive blue & red nova that had served them so well for almost 3 seasons, carrying Chris to 3 wins in the process. However once the 2013 season ended the team decided to get the ball rolling with the new car which came back from FG race fabrications with a nice new rollcage aready welded in.

The car was then beautifully signwritten by SJ signs and sprayed by Stock Rod driver Tony Perfect. The team debated long and hard over the winter about the paint scheme which had always featured blue to reflect the company colours of Mike Hill Architectural Services, the main sponsor. In the end a brand new scheme was devised by Chris (a digital designer by trade) which looks fabulous on the car
From there Andy Owen Motor Services built the car up to the standard where it is ready to race, installing the engine, setting up the suspension and much much more! The team are now ready and raring to go for another year.